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  How to upgrade Gitlab Omnibus to major version. Recently I need upgrade my self-hosted Gitlab Community from version 13.12.4-ce.0 to latest version 14.3.2-ce.0, but a simple apt update && apt-dist-upgrade was a nightmare ;/ Solution was at my eyes !!! Upgrading GitLab is a relatively straightforward process, but the complexity can increase based on the installation method you have used, how old your GitLab version is, if you’re upgrading to a major version, and so on.  ;( References: Hands on ! First I need to know my exactly current Gitlab version root@gitlab:# dpkg -al|grep gitlab ii  gitlab-ce                            13.12.4-ce.0                          amd64        GitLab Community Edition (including NGINX, Postgres, Redis) Now, what new versions are availables: # apt update # apt-cache madison gitlab-ce  gitlab-ce | 14.3.2-ce.0 |